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What you can do on the website today

  1. Shop in our store,  You can pay online with credit card or complete your purchase but pay cash/check in person at pick up

  2. See your booster team and class reps

  3. Make a donation

  4. ​See the calendar 

  5. Use Members Chat bubble to ask a question

  6. Click on the SCHOLARSHIPS icon in the header (and a few others) to get more detail

  7. Manage your own account once you are registered.  Click on your name next to the green bell in the header.  This is where you will see your volunteer sign ups, purchases, what we know about your player (including if we have their physical, impact and other processing registered as complete, etc.).

  8. Watch our YouTube Channels on our Charger Channels page

  9. Join a group like your player(s) class Groups to be in the communication loop with events that affect you.  You must be a member of our website AND have a public profile to be part of a group.  A public profile only means other public members of our site can see your name and whatever you allow them to see.  You can not join a group anonymously so public status is necessary.  Your class rep owns group pages.  Don't know who your rep is?  Go to the booster team link to find out.

  10. We have acquired the domain.

  11. Varsity Roster is up! You can search a player by jersey # and check player stats

  12. You can now video stream some of our games.  At this time a subscription is required with the vendor who provides the service.

  13. Coaches and Coaching Team is now visible - more details to come

  14. We now have a link to SBLIVE's Sunset League Standings

Coming Soon

  1. Volunteer Scheduling

  2. Players of the week

  3. Subscribe to just varsity games on calendar

  4. Texting

  5. and more....